Warning against online scammer Claudia Rolnick-Kammerer ("Claudia Glows")
Here also our public defense against her criminal defamation.

We deem the text on this site to be both true as well as in the public interest, since we have 100,000+ customers
and millions of potential customers and the phenomenon of "revenge-libel" is widespread and highly damaging.
Everything on this page are not statements of independently established facts but our own opinion, based on the
arguments below and how we remember/interpret the events.

Note to our web host, registrar and law enforcement: We have repeated, very explicit, active contractual permission from Claudia Rolnick (total of 11 times) to publish her private details such as her address and photos of her face in case she would in our opinion commit an offense against us. Permission was given on 2012-06-24 from IP address, on 2013-05-03 from IP, 2014-04-30 from, 2019-01-10 from and 2020-04-26 from She was repeatedly asked to cease & desist for years and informed that this page would be the consequence of not doing so. Our store's "PAY" button only appears after explicitly digitally signing this contract:

 Claudia Glows, Claudia Rolnick
We did not photoshop this picture.

Claudia Rolnick used to be our affiliate. She used to receive 15% of everything sold in our store via her affiliate link.
When we terminated her affiliateship due to unethical unprofessionalism that hurt our company,
she started to spread lies about our business in revenge and for financial profit.

"Claudia Glows" makes money online as an "Influencer", promoting whichever product that pays her the highest commission, regardless of its merits or whether she truly uses them.

How Claudia Rolnick betrayed us after our ethical approach towards her

"Claudia Glows" used to be our affiliate for our Derminatorâ„¢. There was a long period she did not earn any commission, so we agreed to cancel her affiliateship.
A year or two later, one of her videos about our Derminator went viral and we discovered months later that she in fact earned $1350 in commission via her affiliate link.
She had no idea about that (and could not know) but we were excited for her and phoned her to bring her the good news. Then we transfered the money. From then on, she would make minor earnings via our link.

But Claudia Rolnick started increasingly to interfere with our business. Some of our German customers who bought a Derminator via her videos would not contact us when they had a problem, but her.
Perhaps because they preferred a German speaker (but we speak fluent German so there was no need).
Claudia would then promise that we'd give them a new machine. While the only problem was a cartridge that the customer had damaged, due to not reading the manual.
But our customer at that stage would of demand a new machine, because "I've already gone through all this with Claudia and she assured me that you'd give me a new machine".
When we told the customer that Claudia Rolnick is not the authority on warranty cases in our company and that the customer must go though a remote diagnostic procedure,
the customer refused to do so and complained to Claudia that we refused to honor the warranty that she was promised by Claudia.

Claudia then started to regularly mention in her YouTube videos that she uses the Derminator but "I must warn that the company has questionable, unethical business practices, not honoring their warranty and being rude so buyer beware".
Quite a few potential customers worryingly asked us whether those claims are true. We asked "Claudia Glows" to stop smearing our reputation. We had to threaten her with legal action to get the worst libel removed.
She told us: "I don't care, you can't touch me, I'm an Amercian". She at that time traveled from US military base to US military base. Germany, Italy, Hawaii.

She told us that our practice of publicly blacklisting people who stole from us (Credit card fraud) made us bigger criminals than the thieves themselves and that we should be ashamed.
She did not care that these people were given a chance to repay us and that they knew they'd be "doxxed" and explicitly had agreed to that T&C condition.
The real reason is that she was too insecure as an affiliate to let the factory handle warranty cases - she thought she had her "influencer" credibility to protect.

Claudia Rolnick, in private communication with our founder, said that she does not believe we're a company of any serious size.
She said that she believes he (the inventor of the Derminator) manufactures the devices in his own home.
In fact we build up to 10,000/year by a small team. She started to spread these rumors online.

Claudia is taking revenge for us "firing" her by spreading lies about us (criminal defamation)

After it started raining inquiried by potential and existing Derminator customers about Claudia's defamatory claims and Claudia refused to cease & desist, we terminated her affiliateship. She immediately ramped up her libel.
An example of her trying to prevent us selling Derminators is 27:00 in this video, where she spreads FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about us by ominously saying: "A company that treats their customers THAT way"..
She had to make an excuse from switching from Derminator-promotion to Dr. Pen promotion - she did not want to admit she promotes whatever pays!

So what's the dangerous part of her scam?

"Claudia Glows" hides the fact that she promotes products because they earn her commission via a coupon code or link. Not because she discovered something good she likes to share.
She uses a subscription database where merchants offer affiliate commission. Usually the worst, most over-priced products are in such databases.
They pay as much as 40% to the affiliate and because their products are bad value-for-money, they rely on "con-jobs":
A confidence scam where the viewer believes their favorite, trusted influencer honestly discovered a valuable tip they like to share.
Since we booted her for unethical interference with our business, Claudia was forced to switch from promoting Derminators to Dr. Pens.
Claudia recommends at the end of the aforementioned video using Dr. Pen's 36 or 42-needle cartridges.

Needle cartridges with so many needles don't actually use real needles. That would be much too expensive.
They use stamped knives instead. Which permanently scar the skin. This is how that looks under magnification:

Stamped knives

Extremely cheap to manufacture, compared to actual needles. 28 "needles" that are in fact five tiny stamped stilletto knive blades.
They literally cut furrows into the skin. They slice the skin. In the example above, that happens when moving the cartridge in the southeast or northwest direction.
We showed Claudia this and she confirmed she understood that the Derminator was the preferred choice due to the slicing, microtearing, and other reasons.
That's why Claudia still secretly uses the Derminator and definitely not the Dr. Pen she "recommends" (gets commission for).
We showed her the above photo as well as the one below, which was emailed to us by someone who used such cartridges and sought our help:

Claudia Glows

This person told us his scars are permanent. Caused by these many-needle catridges with fake needles from those expensive Chinese "buzzers".
The Dr. Pen costs $299 but is a literal order of magnitude cheaper to manufacture than the Derminator. A Dr. Pen contains $10 worth of materials.
They are sold much cheaper via retail channels but they still are absolute garbage and dangerous to the skin and Claudia knows that full well.
It's a repurposed Permanent Makeup pen that causes microtearing and Claudia knows that - because she has watched that video also.
These pen-type "buzzers" have such weak motors that they must rely on miniature boxcutter knives to achieve penetration.
These pen-type devices' motor is extremely much smaller than the Derminator motor and they're powered by relatively feeble batteries.
That's why Claudia here says that her skin was more raw and that needling hurt more, with the Dr. Pen (she used 16 needles) than with the Derminator.
Claudia will need even more makeup and more video post-processing filters, if she's truly using the Dr. Pen.

The funny thing is that the comments underneath her defamatory video all agree that the Derminator is superior to Dr. Pen in all respects. Power, pain etc.
But Claudia "doesn't endorse the machine anymore bec. they're unethical". No, folks. Because we stopped paying her commission!
Cluadia promotes whatever pays.

Claudia Rolnick ("Claudia Glows") is no dermaneedling expert but a Yoga teacher with a scammy YouTube side business

Another dangerous practice she does not warn against and even endorses is combining a TCA peel with dermaneedling.
Claudia Rolnick is an unethical "make money online" scammer. Hardly anything she advises is based on knowledge, logic or science.